November Newsletter

THANKSGIVING DINNEROn November 14th we will be celebrating Thanksgiving by having a schoolwide meal at the Sportsplex from 11:30-1:00. The time will be staggered by grade. Classroom teachers will inform you later this month of the time for their class.

ELECTION DAYWe encourage all parents to exercise their right to vote on November 6th. Your students are learning about the importance of elections and the role these officials play in our city/state/country.

KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAMThrough this program, you can earn rewards for SCS by matching your Kroger card with the school. Just follow the steps below to enroll.

  1. Go to
  2. If you do not have an online Kroger account, you will need to register (Register button at the top right) prior to proceeding.
  3. If you have an account, sign in (button in top left)
  4. Once signed in, click the word “Community”.
  5. Select “Community Rewards”.
  6. Select the “Enroll Now’ button.
  7. Type in “Starkville Christian School
  8. Select Starkville Christian School once it appears.
  9. Hit enroll and then you are finished!

Thank you! We received a $500 check from this reward program recently.


For those of you who recently purchased items from the online store, we have been informed that the order will take approximately two-three weeks.  Please remember that outerwear must be SCS colors in order to be worn in the classroom.  Also, please make sure that you have your child’s name on all jackets and sweatshirts worn to school. There are numerous items in the lost and found.

Thanksgiving   11/19-11/23    

Sem. Exams    12/18-12/20

Christmas        12/21-1/04

Return             1/07

Report cards    1/09        

MLK Jr.            1/21

President’s Day 2/18

End of 9 weeks 3/08