February Newsletter

REGISTRATION: Registration for the 2019-20 school year will open for currently enrolled families on February 11th. The registration fee will be $150 per student with a $300 maximum. (Tuition charges for next year will increase $10 per month in each category.) Forms will be handed out during carpool or at pick-up for half-day kindergarten students. It is imperative that completed forms be turned in at the office by February 15th if you are returning. These forms are a financial commitment to return for the 2019-20 school year and should not be completed if you are unsure about returning. On February 19th, we will open registration to the public and any open spots will be filled.

TRAFFIC:  The City of Starkville anticipates another two weeks before construction on Lynn Lane is completed.  We are looking forward to the benefits of this construction.  Please be courteous to the men who are directing traffic.  We consider this a great opportunity to be a witness to them and the community.  Also, please exit only to the right.  (Exiting to the left causes our carpool line to back up.)  Thank you for your assistance. 

BUILDING ACCESS: Individuals who are not known to the front office will be asked to identify themselves. If you have an out-of-town guest who is coming to have lunch, please notify us in advance.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: When we are confronted with an emergency, such as dangerous or severe weather or mechanical failure before the school day begins, an announcement will be broadcast on WCBI, SCS answering machine, and the SCS Facebook site. When we experience severe weather after the students have come to school, you may rest assured that the SCS Administration is carefully monitoring the situation. Teachers and staff are alerted through the school-wide PA system if it becomes necessary to have students exit their classrooms to move to a secure area. As a parent, feel free to pick-up your child anytime such an event occurs.

OUTERWEAR:  Please make sure that you have your child’s name in all jackets and sweatshirts worn to school. We make every attempt to assist your child keep up with their clothing.  If you are missing an item, you may check the lost and found located in the back of each of the buildings.

Presidents Day          2/18

Spring Break        3/11-15

Reports Cards            3/20

Easter Break    4/19-4/22

Achievement tests 4/16-18

Exams                  5/13-15       

K5 graduation             5/16

High School grad.        5/17