2018/2019 Supply List

Starkville Christian School


Please make sure you purchase a solid color book bag (no wheels) for your student (grades K4-12) for the first day of school.

Four-year-old (K4) supplies

2 boxes crayons 8-count—CLASSIC COLORS)

2 pkg. fat pencils with erasers

2 box kleenex

Plastic mat for sleeping (no cloth, please)

Round tip scissors—(FISCAR)

6 rolls paper towels

2 packages washable markers in BASIC colors (fat)

4 glue sticks

1 large pkg. wet wipes

4 clorox wipes

1 bottle hand soap

1 big bottle of hand sanitizer

1 box of band-aids

1 RED PLASTIC double-pocket file folder (no prongs)

1 ream of copy paper

1 pkg. plastic spoons

Complete change of clothes in labeled ziplock bag


Five-year-old (K5) supplies

2 boxes tissue 1 pack copy paper

2 boxes 8-count crayons (1 per semester) 2 big pink erasers

1 box of No. 2 pencils 4 glue sticks

2 packs classic color markers (1 per semester) 1 bottle glue

1 pair fiscar scissors

1 supply box (no bags please)

1 pack wet wipes (per nine weeks)

1 pack Clorox wipes (per nine weeks)

1 bottle hand soap (per semester)

2 rolls paper towels (per nine weeks)

1 bottle germ-X (per semester)

1 plastic kindermat

Complete change of clothes in labeled ziplock bag


Grade 1


First grade supplies are purchased by the teacher.  


Grade 2

1 ream of copy paper Elmer’s glue (sm.)  

1 two-pack highlighters 12” ruler (in. & cm.)

2 pkg. wide-rule notebook paper (Please do not open.)

3 pkg. pencil top erasers supply BAG (no boxes)

Fiscar scissors 3 pkg. pencils

3 boxes Kleenex 1 Clorox cleaning wipes

3 rolls paper towels 2 pkg. napkins

16 ct. crayola crayons (no markers) 1 box children’s acetaminophen

2 green 2-pocket plastic folder

3 blue 2-pocket plastic folder

Grade 3  

2 pkgs. Clorox wipes eraser tops

highlighters supply BAG  

Fiscar scissors 2 pkg. pencils

3 boxes Kleenex glue stick (not bottle)

3 rolls paper towels One 1½ inch blinder

16 ct. crayola crayons green plastic folder w/prongs

2 packages wide-rule notebook paper 12” ruler (in. & cm.)

1 ream of copy paper One 1 inch binder (no zipper binders)

1 pkg. napkins 1 box children’s acetaminophen

1 bottle of hand sanitizer


Grade 4

3 rolls paper towels 4 boxes Kleenex

3 ring notebook (1 ½ in.)

4 pkg. wide-rule notebook paper   1 pkg. dividers (8) with pockets

Pencils 2 pkg. highlighters

Colored pencils 1 ream copy paper

Merriam-Webster dictionary wooden ruler (cm and in)

4 large pink erasers supply bag

Clorox wipes glue

Scissors 1 plastic orange folder w/prongs


Grade 5

2 red pens Five 70-page spiral notebooks

2 blue or black pens 1 small pkg. construction paper

large pink eraser pencils (if mechanical-7mm lead)

washable markers or colored pencils solid color backpack

2-4 yellow highlighters pencil case—not a box

Two green 2-pocket folders scissors

1 ream of copy paper 1 three-subject spiral notebook

2 rolls paper towels 2 boxes Kleenex

2 pkg. Clorox wipes Merriam-Webster dictionary

12” ruler (inches and centimeters) not bendable or collapsible

notebook paper—wide rule only-bought in a packet not from a notebook

one pack of notecards


Grade 6

1 ream of copy paper 1 three inch 3-ring notebook

2 rolls paper towels 1 box of tissue

supply BAG (no boxes) 1 box colored pencils

1 pkg. Clorox wipes 1 box Jr. Tylenol

4 pkgs. wide-rule notebook paper scissors

wooden ruler (inches and centimeters) 4 large pink erasers

1 pkg. 3×5 white lined notecards 2 pkgs. 4×6 white lined notecards

4 large pkgs. mechanical pencils 1 five-subject composition book

1 pkg. tracing paper 1 one-subject composition book

8 yellow highlighters (no other color) 1 large plastic folder w/closure for   

2 glue sticks research material

Grade 7

1 ream of copy paper 1 bottle adult acetaminophen

2 boxes of tissue 1 wooden ruler

1 roll paper towels graph paper

hand sanitizer

1 pkg. Clorox wipes

1 inch 3-ring notebook  

3 pkg. 3×5 lined notecards

2 pkgs. 4×6 lined notecards

mechanical pencils

2 yellow highlighters

2 blue highlighters


Grades 8-12 General Supplies


notebook with subject dividers or individual notebooks per subject

notebook paper

mechanical pencils

blue or black pens

red pens

1 ream of copy paper

1 box of tissue

tracing paper and colored pencils-(9th grade Geography students only)

USB storage device (9th grade Keyboarding/Data Processing students only)


Subject area teachers will give students a list of additional supplies

for special projects when needed.