August/September Newsletter

Thank you for helping us make the first days of school a success! Because safety is of utmost importance to us, please do not drop off K4 through 4th grade students in the secondary line (the parking lot). Also, we request that you exit to the right only. Once MSU traffic beings, it is virtually impossible to turn left. Also,

2018/2019 Supply List

Starkville Christian School 2018-2019 Please make sure you purchase a solid color book bag (no wheels) for your student (grades K4-12) for the first day of school. Four-year-old (K4) supplies 2 boxes crayons 8-count—CLASSIC COLORS) 2 pkg. fat pencils with erasers 2 box kleenex Plastic mat for sleeping (no cloth, please) Round tip scissors—(FISCAR) 6